Since returning from the U.P. I have been tending to my own projects more. I planted two Ferns and some rose bush seedlings. I took time yesterday to transplant my seedlings.

Taking the advice of Miss. Margaret I went with my wagon and retrieved rotten logs from the Plaster Creek flood plain. Using the vermi-compost, newspaper, hay, and soil I was able to create a hugelkultur tester in my wagon. Due to the ample wildlife I will need to move my garden to safety. Thus the wagon for when the time comes. For now this is a long-term build. The layers I created should work to fertilize and help maintain the soil for some time.

I separated the tomato and the sweet pepper. Planting them into bigger containers instead of adding them to the wagon. I fear I am over crowding as is and instead of assist and thrive together the herbs roots are just going to compete for resources or overwhelm one another. I have faith in the hugelkultur method.