May 26, 2017 Sticky, smelly, and persnickety men

Ruga Roses along a fence can help with deer. Today I once again assisted in the green house in the morning and field garden in the afternoon. I planted green onions, pear trees, strawberries and pernissels. I used a blendertec to grind dried mango power and and mushroom into power. And used a slicer to slice a bucket of sun artichokes. Which I accidentally nicked my finger on.

Went for a walk and took a selfie. I got to interact a lot with the girls yesterday. And a little more with the boys today. Jumped on the trampoline with Donna 8 and Johnny 14.

Talked tec with Steve. I was able to dance with a lot of them yesterday. Slowly talking with the family. Fifteen past midnight. I think I will wear Meghan’s scarf. I still have no service. But I can make a call from the road, I discovered and took advantage of by calling my mom, Meghan, and grandma. Tomorrow I shall call Daddy and Damion.