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Ode to chickpea stew

Ode to chickpea stew

let’s start with
the once finely robed onion
peeled, exposed then diced,
readied to be browned,

like to
skin as lovely
as grandmothers cheek

pungent garlic joined
in the heated olive oil
The black stock pot,
tries to hold the family
like the clutched fists
of my mothers hands

but the choking
fumes taste the air with
the reminder of
hot mississippi bread

like the smell of sun grass
deer fast-
stead in their
watch, of clandestine love making
almost as diligent
as chickpeas,
joined with black beans
in stock

grandfather june
who joined
in the heated debate
over the peperika
and bay leaf
tried to ignore the
face of our snatched ancestors
also looking to be fed
and was swallowed instead

Ode to the chickpea
disguised as common
friend, but is a bean
sneakier than a fox in july
poured with broth heavy
and salted to simmer
for taste

pure pistachios
enters in the linage of
this lone poet who is barely able
to keep from
bubbling over the
page, barely able to
keep from setting the page
on light
with the same fire,

always welcomed used for
the stew, that fed
and nurtured,
left on
the stove for washed
hands of any and all

Mulch Mulch Mulch City!

For the past 3 days we have been driving to the tree scrap dump place and getting all kinds of mulch for the gardens. Yesterday, we hauled pine mulch for the walk ways and I learned a lot about the process of starting a garden bed. To get rid of pesky grass without digging up the entire yard cardboard boxes were placed down and the cover it up with the mulch and manure. 
Today my left lympnodes is a bit swollen and tender. Hopefully it clears up as the day progress. I also was able to ride Lena the confident pure Icelandic horse. It was a lot of fun because Lena loves to go fast and stay ahead of the group as the leader. 

This morning I learned about making granola from scratch and hopefully later on today I can forage a bit around the property. I saw some fern sprouts and creek marigolds during my various walks that I wish to take back with me. Tomorrow morning I will be leaving back to GR. A day earlier than I originally planned so I can work on a Mother’s Day present for Jennifer. I’ve been telling Meghan that I want a mandalin for my birthday. As I turn 27 on Mother’s Day I feel a new anxiety over the fact that my 20s are coming to an end! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

My seedlings are thriving!


Cilantro and Tomato seedlings got planted in their own containers away from the wagon. I didn’t want to overcrowd, even though I believe similar herbs would be fine. Better ┬áto be safe now than lose plants later.

May 26, 2017 Sticky, smelly, and persnickety men

Ruga Roses along a fence can help with deer. Today I once again assisted in the green house in the morning and field garden in the afternoon. I planted green onions, pear trees, strawberries and pernissels. I used a blendertec to grind dried mango power and and mushroom into power. And used a slicer to slice a bucket of sun artichokes. Which I accidentally nicked my finger on.

Went for a walk and took a selfie. I got to interact a lot with the girls yesterday. And a little more with the boys today. Jumped on the trampoline with Donna 8 and Johnny 14.

Talked tec with Steve. I was able to dance with a lot of them yesterday. Slowly talking with the family. Fifteen past midnight. I think I will wear Meghan’s scarf. I still have no service. But I can make a call from the road, I discovered and took advantage of by calling my mom, Meghan, and grandma. Tomorrow I shall call Daddy and Damion.



Since returning from the U.P. I have been tending to my own projects more. I planted two Ferns and some rose bush seedlings. I took time yesterday to transplant my seedlings.

Taking the advice of Miss. Margaret I went with my wagon and retrieved rotten logs from the Plaster Creek flood plain. Using the vermi-compost, newspaper, hay, and soil I was able to create a hugelkultur tester in my wagon. Due to the ample wildlife I will need to move my garden to safety. Thus the wagon for when the time comes. For now this is a long-term build. The layers I created should work to fertilize and help maintain the soil for some time.

I separated the tomato and the sweet pepper. Planting them into bigger containers instead of adding them to the wagon. I fear I am over crowding as is and instead of assist and thrive together the herbs roots are just going to compete for resources or overwhelm one another. I have faith in the hugelkultur method.

The Spinach

It is pretty extraordinary. The spinach seedlings have already begun to sprout. Moving the tray to an East facing window instead of the sun room facing the West was a good move. 

The soil combined with my vermi-casting has help with the process. I am still searching for a nice kitchen compost container to match my mothers decoration. Getting my family to no throw away leftover vegetables and egg shells is proving to be a tough endeavor. But I think with the right container it could happen.